Effective solutions for enterprises

extending solution - xs-svn

designed for:

  • create Subversion storage for source code and system settings

  • documentate changes for enterprise assets

  • establish transparent enterprise environment

  • extend AIAS services - collect code, settings, assets and more


  • quick deploy and configure

  • unified change history

  • access control

  • stable and effective solution


  • establish change control proces and pre- and post-review process
  • guarantee change-contol for database code or asset settings
  • unified and transparent environment for enterprise assets

Integrate Subversion and AIAS to store source code and system configuration. 




  • XS-SVN/APP/1 Integration tools - Integration tools
  • XS-SVN/ITSS/1 GenerateDBframePillars (full) - Generate pillar files for database objects (full)
  • XS-SVN/ITSS/2 GenerateDBframePillars (changes by DB) - Generate pillar files for changed database objects (by DB data)
  • XS-SVN/ITSS/3 GenerateDBframePillars (changes by DDL) - Generate pillar files for changed database objects (by xs-ddlstorage data)
  • XS-SVN/ITSS/4 CleanPillarsRepos - Clean pillar file repos according AIAS data changes
  • XS-SVN/ITSS/5 GenerateCCFframePillars (folders) - Generate pillar files for CCF frame (local folder content)


  • 1.0.0, 01.01.2019
    • Initial release
  • 1.0.1, 27.10.2019
    • Minor fixes for documentation
  • 1.0.2, 01.07.2020
    • Minor fixes for documentation
  • 1.0.3, 01.01.2021
    • Deploy script updated, documentation update
  • 1.1.1, 01.04.2021
    • Added domain MS SQL Server for solution functions